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School-by-School Reports

In addition to its analysis of system-wide data, the Consortium also provides customized data on individual schools in CPS. The Consortium has created reports on each school's responses to our biennial survey and each school's progress with helping students succeed in high school.

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5 Essentials School Reports

The 5 Essentials were developed by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research at the University of Chicago Urban Education Institute, in partnership with Chicago Public Schools.

The data in the 5 Essentials School Reports draw from the 2011 My Voice, My School teacher and student surveys. These surveys have also been known as the Student Connection Survey and the Consortium survey.  The 2012 5Essentials School Reports are public; however, 2013 reports are available only to principals until later this year.

Access Your 2013 5Essentials School Survey Reports Now (password required)

Access Your 2012 5Essentials School Survey Reports Now (public)

Getting On-Track: How Your School is Doing with the Freshman Year

Student performance in the freshman year predicts whether students will graduate. These reports show how each CPS high school is doing in on the indicators related to freshman year performance – student on-track rate, course failures, grades, and attendance. Reports are available for 2003, 2009, 2010 and 2012.  To find a report for an individual school, please type in the school's name in the box to the right.  For example, "Curie."

Transition to High School Reports

The freshman on-track indicator predicts whether a student will graduate from high school. The reports below detail how each school is doing with keeping students on-track and other crucial indicators including grades, failures, and graduation.

Making the Transition: How Each Elementary School's Eighth-Grade Graduates Are Doing in High School

These reports inform elementary schools about what happened to several classes of eighth-grade graduates after they get to high school. Reports are available for 2003 and 2008.  To find a report for an individual school, please type in the school's name in the box to the right.  For example, "Curie."